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Dr. Erin King-Mullins Featured on Forbes

Dr. Erin King-Mullins, a colorectal surgeon and the founder of Colorectal Wellness Center in Fayetteville, GA, was featured in Forbes discussing the unique challenges faced by the young-onset colorectal cancer population. She notes that these individuals often find themselves in the classic sandwich generation, simultaneously caring for young families and older parents. Unlike older patients who may be nearing retirement and have adult children, younger patients diagnosed with colorectal cancer are typically in the midst of their careers, supporting their households, and raising small children.

Dr. King-Mullins emphasizes the importance of considering the patient’s overall health, lifestyle, and responsibilities when creating a surgical plan. While age alone does not determine surgical candidacy, younger patients who are otherwise healthy can often tolerate more aggressive surgeries. Unfortunately, many of the cancers Dr. King-Mullins encounters are more advanced at the time of diagnosis, largely due to delayed diagnosis stemming from the assumption of age-related low risk.