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Dr. Mullins Partners with City of Hope Atlanta

What is the new CWC/COH-Atlanta relationship?

This new partnership allows patients of City of Hope to have access to a board- certified colorectal surgeon for their cancer care

If I am a current CWC patient will this affect me?

No, current patients of Colorectal Wellness Center will not be impacted. The office address remains as 1275 Hwy 54 W, Suite 205, Fayetteville, GA 30214

I have a surgery scheduled at Piedmont Fayette Hospital, will the location change?

No, the primary surgical site or CWC remains at Piedmont Fayette Hospital

How do I schedule an appointment with Colorectal Wellness Center?

Call 770-325-2275 to schedule an appointment

If you have any additional questions or concerns call 770-325-2275